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Does BC Health Care Cover Eye Exams?

View from behind a patient's head as he sits in a chair and looks at a Snellen chart as directed by the optometrist

Eye exams are crucial for maintaining overall health, yet many individuals need clarification about their healthcare coverage regarding these essential appointments. In British Columbia, understanding what the BC Health Care system covers regarding eye exams is necessary for adults and parents.  We will explore coverage for both adult and children’s eye exams, what services are […]

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Eye Exam Prices: What You Should Know

An optometrist performs a slit-lamp exam on her patient.

Getting regular comprehensive eye exams is essential to maintain healthy eyes. Regular checkups can help detect early warning signs of eye conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts and keep your prescription lenses current. The doctors at Annik Eye Care provide personalized eye exams that prioritize your eyes and needs. From a health assessment of […]

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Amblyopia vs Strabismus? Common Childhood Eye Conditions

A small boy with strabismus sitting at a table with folding arms and his chin resting on his arms.

There are many different childhood eye conditions that your child may experience. Two common childhood eye conditions are amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes). When a child is experiencing strabismus, it can lead to amblyopia, though this is not always the case. For children and adults alike, it’s important to have regular eye exams […]

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Contact Lens Eye Exam: Are Contacts Right for You?

Young woman holding a contact lens close to her eye.

Contact lenses are a preferred method to correct visual issues for many people. To determine if contact lenses are the right choice for you, your optometrist will need to understand your corrective conditions and needs. Your optometrist will go through a comprehensive exam before prescribing your contact lenses, which will help to determine if contact […]

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