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Eye Exams: An Essential Tool to Protecting Your Health

Our eyes are amazing; by deciphering and transmitting visual information to our brains, they help us experience and understand the world around us. However, like any remarkable machine, many things can affect our eyes and impact our quality of life. Additionally, the risk of age-related eye conditions increases as we age — many of which can lead to impaired vision or even vision loss.

Regular eye exams are important to maintaining strong, healthy eyes. Comprehensive eye exams help with the early detection of eye problems and other health conditions, many of which have few or no early warning signs.

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Our family-run practice is devoted to providing comprehensive adult and senior eye exams that will not only determine the strength of your eyesight but your eye health as well. We are committed to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle, so book an eye exam with us today.

Primary Eye Care with a Personalized Touch

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that most adults between the ages of 20 and 64 undergo an eye exam every 2 to 3 years, and individuals 65 or older undergo annual eye exams. However, because every individual is different, your optometrist will recommend an eye exam frequency dependent upon your personal needs and health.

It is important to follow your optometrist’s advice because many eye conditions and diseases develop without discernible symptoms and even without initially impacting eyesight. Frequent eye exams can catch age-related conditions, manage the changes that come with age, and help prevent vision loss.

We use trusted and innovative tools and techniques to determine your eye health and visual acuity. We work hard to provide you with accurate information concerning your eyes, and work directly with you to manage any conditions that may arise.

What to Expect From a Comprehensive Eye Exam

An eye exam is more than just measuring your eyesight. While the familiar sight test will determine how well you see, a complete eye exam also looks at the overall health of your eyes.

When you visit our clinic for a comprehensive eye exam, we will begin with a detailed conversation about your health concerns, visual needs, and your family medical history. To personalize the exam even further, we will discuss your home and work environments and talk about any recreational activities you participate in that may require specialized eye protection.

During Your Eye Exam
  • A visual acuity test to determine how well you see.
  • A refraction to determine if you have a refractive error, such as myopia or hyperopia, and your required prescription.
  • An assessment of how your eyes work together, including eye coordination, depth perception, eye movements, and hand-eye coordination.
  • A colour vision evaluation to test for colour vision defects.
  • An assessment of the external health of your eyes, specifically looking for a number of conditions such as tear deficiency.
  • A neurological assessment to test pupil reactions, ocular muscle movement, and an assessment of your peripheral vision.
  • A test for glaucoma using a tonometer, which tests the pressure inside the eye.
  • An examination of the retina and optic nerve to determine their health and look for more serious conditions or concerns elsewhere in the body.

These tests will help us determine your required prescription and discover any potential eye conditions or possible health concerns. At this point, our optometrists will give you recommendations on the frequency of future eye exams,provide you with a personalized treatment plan, and information about managing ongoing conditions.

If you require a new prescription, we can also help you find new glasses or contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.

Regular eye exams are the first step to protecting your eye health, and we are excited to play a role in helping you maintain strong, healthy eyes. Please book your appointment with us today.

Optomap Imaging for Comprehensive Care

At Annik Eyecare, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technology to ensure every patient gets the care they deserve.

With Optomap, your eye doctor is able to take an ultra-wide image of your retina (in the back of your eye). Optomap can help detect signs of eye conditions and diseases.

This tool captures 80% of your retina in a single picture while traditional imaging usually only captures 15% of your retina. It’s a fast, painless test that gives us an in-depth understanding of your eye.

By using Optomap during your eye exam, we can detect and treat any conditions far earlier. Many eye conditions and diseases can develop without symptoms which is why eye exams are critical to your ocular health. And Optomap is safe for children’s eye exams, too!

Book an appointment today and experience the Annik Eyecare difference.

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