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Can I Wear Normal Contact Lenses With Astigmatism?

Close-up of a woman's right eye as she puts a contact lens in using her right hand

Contact lenses have revolutionized how millions of people correct their vision, offering convenience, comfort, and freedom from glasses.  However, finding the right contact lenses can be a bit more challenging for those with astigmatism, a common refractive error caused by an irregularly shaped cornea.  Many people wonder if they can wear normal contact lenses if […]

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Contact Lens Eye Exam: Are Contacts Right for You?

Young woman holding a contact lens close to her eye.

Contact lenses are a preferred method to correct visual issues for many people. To determine if contact lenses are the right choice for you, your optometrist will need to understand your corrective conditions and needs. Your optometrist will go through a comprehensive exam before prescribing your contact lenses, which will help to determine if contact […]

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