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We at Annik EyeCare carry several, well known, quality brands. Our frame selection is very regularly updated to reflect the changing style and current fashion trends.

Remember, the frame that you choose should not only fit comfortably, but should also complement the shape of your face, and your lifestyle. Our professionals and frame stylists help you choose the right look, and help you choose the right lens.

Some of the Leading Brands We Carry

Getting a properly fitting pair of reading glasses will aid in your ability to read fine print without straining your eyes. If you find that your vision is impaired when reading small type, you should consult your Optometrist for an eye exam and vision test.

Annik EyeCare takes your specific needs into consideration. We recommend and offer the best quality lenses for the best possible vision. Anti-reflective lenses are highly recommended for all, as they decrease glare and allows you to have much more natural vision.

Higher prescriptions require a type of lens called ‘high index’. A high index minimizes the thickness of a lens, so that they are more lightweight and cosmetically appealing, by reducing the ‘bug eye’ look, while still providing great optical quality.

  • Farsightedness – single vision
  • Nearsightedness – single vision
  • Computer only – mid vision
  • Progressives – multi-focus lens for far, near and mid visions. Also known as no line bi- or tri- focus.
  • Bi-focus
  • Transitionals
  • Polarized
  • Anti-reflective
  • Scratch-resistant

Some of the Leading Brands We Carry

Common Questions

If you do not require prescription reading glasses, your eye doctor will let you know, but otherwise, it is highly recommended that proper prescription glasses are used. Some of the reasons are

  1. Power in OTC readers are the same in both eyes, but your prescription may be different in each eye, therefore looking through OTC readers will make one eye work much harder than the other and will cause eye strain, discomfort and headaches.
  2. OTC readers will not correct astigmatism..prescription readers will.
  3. Custom-made prescription glasses are made so that the centre of the pupil and the optical centre of the lens are lined up to give you a perfect vision.
  4. Prescription lenses are made without distortions, OTC’s of low quality may have defects such as waves or bubbles.

On Frames

We carry top quality frames from some of the most well-known manufacturers from Japan, Europe, and the US. All of our frames carry a 1 or 2-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects.

On Lenses

All our lenses carry 1 or 2-year manufacturers warranty against defects such as peeling or spider web effect when scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings are purchased. Progressive lenses also carry a one time, sixty-day ‘non-adapt’ exchange policy, with a doctor’s new prescription.

All sales are final.

After Sale Services

After sale services include if needed:

  • Minor repairs
  • Nose pad replacement
  • Replacement of eye wire and screws
  • And minor adjustments.
If your vision should change within 60 days after the purchase of glasses simply bring in your updated prescription and we will be glad to replace your incorrect lenses one time with the updated prescription at no additional charge to you.

Send us a message and we will answer ASAP